Who We Are

Obsidian Unmanned Aircraft Systems provides aerial photography, videography and aerial survey services using Small Unmanned Aircraft systems – better known as “drones”. We use the latest technology in aircraft which are highly capable for specialist filming and imagery tasks.

We are based in Herefordshire and South Gloucestershire and serve the Three Counties area, Eastern Wales and the South West of England.

What We Can Do For You

Advertising and Marketing

Photographs and video from the air can give a more interesting and complete view of buildings, properties and their surroundings than can usually be obtained from the ground. These sort of images can greatly enhance a website or marketing materials immediately catching the eye and encouraging potential customers to read on.

Estate Agents can present an attractive view of a property showing its situation, gardens and surroundings. The facilities, grounds and view of a country hotel, holiday park or golf course can be captured in their full glory. This can be further enhanced using 360 degree scrollable panorama shots which allow potential customers to move their view and explore.

Surveys and Inspections

Small unmanned aircraft can safely and quickly obtain detailed photographs and video of parts of buildings and terrain that would be difficult, dangerous or costly to reach by other means. The cost and time taken to erect scaffolding to inspect a roof or out of reach parts of a building can be significantly reduced using a camera equipped drone. Images and video captured by the aircraft can  be reviewed after the flight for more detailed analysis.

Our aircraft are capable of producing high-quality images in RAW format suitable for inputting into Mapping software for production of 3D images, Orthophotography, Digital Terrain Modelling and Volumetric Surveys.

Why Choose Obsidian UAS?

Obsidian UAS holds a CAA Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) including Night Operations. We have full public liability insurance. In addition our chief pilot has a background in information security risk management and therefore has a strong understanding of data privacy regulation. So we are qualified, safe, insured and compliant.

Obsidian UAS is also keen to work with clients to explore new applications and techniques for using drones. We are happy to provide services directly to you or to work with you so that you can offer drone capabilities as part of your business. If you have any questions or ideas or a problem that you think can be solved with a drone please contact us.


We use latest technology aircraft which are highly capable for specialist filming and imagery tasks


  • Resolutions up to 20 MP (Megapixels)
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) bracketing and burst shooting.
  • Panoramic shots including 360 degree scrollable panoramas.
  • Images can be provided in JPEG, DNG or RAW formats to allow specialist post production treatment.


  • Resolutions up to Cinema 4K Ultra High-Definition.
  • 120 frames/second slow motion.
  • Ability to produce cinema style movement effects such as dolly, crane, reveal, point of interest etc.
  • Real-time web-based transmission of video imagery allowing clients to view aircraft imagery remotely e.g. from their office.


  • GPS navigation for high-precision positioning, great stability and smooth movement and panning.
  • Waypoint navigation enabling aircraft to repeat the same shots from the same location at different times.
  • Low level terrain following enabling aircraft to film from a consistent height above the ground while moving.


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